Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camp Carter

Trice and I got lucky and received in invitation to join Bonnie and Ken Carter for a fun filled 30+ hour vacation spree to Camp Carter, a.k.a., the Carter Homeless Encampment.

What more could you ask for than 2 trailers by the river and freeway? We enjoyed some great food (Ken cooks a mean tri-tip), great company and conversation, great scenery, and the baddest buggy rides in the state.

We installed (well, kinda installed) a slide on the fort and it even withstood a test run by one guaranteed to be bigger than any intended victim. Looks like they will be having some fun there soon. A great time - definitely the best 30+ hour vacation I ever had.

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The Keogans said...

And you had time to finally work on your tans!